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What happens:

You will need some details about your event. So all you do is fill in the enquiry form for your own records and phone or email us.


We will acknowledge receiving your enquiry and may also give you a call (if you emailed) to chat through what you need.


We will search for the right kind of venue for your event, and will normally give you choice for the location you are looking for.


We will often be able to get better rates than you can yourself.


We will normally respond within four working hours for hotel type venues. Special interest venues or unusual venues take rather longer.


We will fax or email you with our venue proposals for your event


All you need to do is to choose which of the venue proposals you would like and call us back to have us book it for you.

Venue AVenue BVenue C


We book it for you at the rate we have negotiated. You will then receive a booking confirmation from the venue and its all yours!

That’s it!

Our service is free: we make our income from a small commission we receive from the venues. We are not contracted to any venue and are therefore unbiased in the choices we can offer you


If you have never organised a conference or event before, have a look at the checklists and suggestions in our Office Resources Mall.

Bookmark us in your favourites list before you go…

Conferences Direct 01332 363014.