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Large Conference Venues

We will undertake searches for suitable large venues for you or your organisation

Most locations have some large venues (though not all)

We will try and find you a choice if possible, in the location or nearby

We will make the booking for you, this is a free service and may help you get a better rate


There are all kinds of venues, from the unusual to the contemporary, from the grand to the informal. We can carry out a wide-ranging search for the right type of venue for your needs, not only for very large events, but also for associated overnight accommodation. To see what we can do for you, call us or email us. To see what information we might need from you, have a look at the enquiry form.

To help make your event a successful one, we will discuss what you are looking for, the dates you need and other details, such as the number of delegates, the type of venue and particularly the location with very large scale events, the number of possible venues may be limited. Venues accommodating up to about 300 delegates are fairly common, but the larger the event, the more of a challenge finding a venue becomes. If you are looking for a large wedding venue for your special occasion or marriage ceremony, these may not be as common as you think.

RestaurantWe have many years expertise in venue finding and will do all we can to help you find what you are looking for and book it for you. If the event is residential we will also help finding the bedrooms you may need to accommodate all your delegates, which may be more of a challenge than finding the venue itself. This is much easier than you having to ring round or search the internet in vain yourself, one call to us will save you a huge amount of effort. If you are looking for some special aspect to your event, such as team building, entertainment (for example, a band) or a gala dinner, do ask our advice.


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