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Hotel reservations and overnight stays


   We will undertake searches for suitable hotels for you or your organisation

   Most locations have a wide choice of hotels - any size or style of accommodation

   We will normally provide you with a selection of hotels in the location you want within four hours

   We make the reservations for you, which is a free service


Guest BedroomThere are all kinds of hotels, from the small and intimate, to the grand and formal. We can carry out a wide-ranging search for the right type of hotel for your needs, not only for overnight stays, but also for groups and, of course, for delegates attending a conference or special event. To see what we can do for you, phone us or send the enquiry form.

Hotel FoyerTo help make your hotel stay pleasant and comfortable, we will discuss what you are looking for, the dates you need and other details, such as smoking or non-smoking rooms. We will then search for the right kind of accommodation for you, in the right place, and provide you with a shortlist. You can then choose which suits you best. This service is free of charge to you: Conferences Direct receives a small commission from the hotels to provide the service.

RestaurantOften we may be able to offer you special rates for accommodation at a range of hotels, and we are much more likely to know what is available in the location you are considering. This is much easier than for you having to ring round, which is time-consuming and perhaps unrewarding, especially in many towns and cities where hotel accommodation is busy or difficult to find.

Drop us an email and we’ll have a look for you. Finding accommodation to go with meetings and events, and also large conferences and conventions can be very time consuming, we have the expertise to save you the hassle.


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