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Checklist: Special Event Planning

If you have never organised an event before, here are some questions to help guide you through some of the important aspects of event organisation, as well as some of the things you will need to know or find out as you do the planning. This is not intended to cover everything you need to know, but simply to give you some ideas.

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Basic questions

1. What sort of event is it and who will be there?

2. How many participants will there be?

3. Where do you want to have the event?

4. What date or dates do you want?


Detailed questions and issues to be considered

What is the budget and what price range would you consider?

What will be the main requirements? Bear in mind these will affect the final cost.

Once you know the venue, have you confirmed the booking in writing?

Have you prepared an outline of the event and the times various things should happen?

Do you need accommodation for any of the participants, and if so, where?

Have you decided how many people you want to help you and who does what?

What will you need? e.g. a venue, entertainment, food, furniture, equipment, transport?

Who will you need to book these with and have you looked in Yellow Pages for them?

Do you need to do any printing: menus, place cards, invitations, banners, signs?

Have you seen the venue so you know whether it can do what you want, when you want?

Do you need to rehearse important parts of the event for timing etc, beforehand?

Do you need to put something in the paper, or other media. Do you need a photographer?

How are you paying, what are the arrangements for this, what deposits are needed?


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